DX sound files


Topband and DX Recordings and Sound Files

Antenna Demonstration

These are mono and stereo recordings using either a FT1000D or phase-locked modified-R4C's with dual antenna systems for stereo diversity. This gives you an idea of how DX signals at this location under various conditions.

Clear band Beverage MONO directivity demonstration (W1AW-MONO-FT1000D). Every 5 seconds I switch directions. The first direction is NE, and I move around E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW. W1AW 

Demo using heavy thunderstorms in Texas and southwards as example of how narrow antenna patterns reduce noise. Every 5 seconds switch (right channel beverages, left channel verticals)  NW, W, and SW. QRN

JA2 through mid-summer USA noise, 10 seconds NW, five W, five SW, ends NW again.  Receiver right channel phased Beverages, left channel Vertical Array QRN_ja2zjw 

DX Stations On 160 Meters:


9V1GO from NW path (unusual path, 9V is normally skewed SW) Nov 03, 2003 

DX0JP Spratly Island on 160M

RA0BA 160M sunrise

UA0ANW to W8JI QSO (very long distance)

UU4JMG January 7, 2006

UK8DAN 160  Feb 27 2007

VU7RG 160 meter signal Jan 15, 2007 (past peak) east path using phased Beverages

VQ9LA 11/29 2005 (not particularly good on this night)

XU7ACB Long path (in evening) xu7acb121001_LP.wav

XU7ACB short path (my sunrise) xu7acb_am.wav

JT1/K4ZW short path (morning) jt1_k4zw112801.wav

VK9ML short path (morning)  vk9ml041702_am.wav

BQ9P 160m (not on peak) Oct 11, 2003 around 1040Z

JA opening on good day Oct 12, 2003 

Big file of Europe from east path during severe Aurora on  Oct 30,2003


SWL of other two way 160 QSO's

K1UO to JA on 160. The JA's are weak here!


Asian Dragon, Jammer, or RADAR on 160 Meters

Recorded by OH3XR 

 recorded around 2005, 2.1 kHz bandwidth submitted by N7UA

Recorded by K4ZW at JT1CO with 6kHz bandwidth

On 80 meters:

A51B SW path 80-meters Feb 19 2003 1200-1215Z

N2XE 1 mW 80 meter signal